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Storage Of Oil And Oil Products With Good Capacity Growth In Various Regions

Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm company with the INN 2511113336 and was registered at Primorsky Territory with the following address: 692525 , Primorsky Territory , the city ​​of Ussuriysk , Komsomolskaya street, house 111a, office 3. Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm has passed an impressive way from a newcomer who provides oil and gas tank storage services to a leader in the field of tank farm storage and logistics services to the largest companies in the petrochemical complex of Russia ports, Rotterdam commercial port.

You can get acquainted with our prices directly with our storage manager, which will not take you much time. Prices will vary depending on how much and what kind of oil you need to store. You make sure that our loyal pricing policy is aimed at establishing an adequate cost of storing petroleum products. So, with us you will be able to spend less and save enough, getting the service at a high level.
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Our highly skilled and motivated workforce

Provides Worldwide Tank Storage Services

Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm provides worldwide services as storage broker. We bring cargo owners and tank terminals together all over the world. With no product or location too difficult for us, we will always find a solution. Companies who only occasionally deal with the bulk liquid storage market often lack specific know-how, experience and/or time to negotiate complicated and costly contracts. With all set storage, we carry out the storage and sale of fuel and various lubricants, need a special license for the storage of petroleum products, and cooperation agreements with customers.

We specialize in meeting our clients needs. If you require a service that’s not listed, contact Primorskaya Sts in order to make provision to meet your exact needs.

Our quality assurance Passion for services

Storage Co-operation

Our co-operation with the international ports plays an important role in providing services to the storage of fuel for our customers. Storage brokerage: a new and unique service, providing global tank storage solutions. Spot storage: finding storage space quickly for off spec products, seasonal production schedules or as trade opportunities.

Consulting services

Our project management, and site supervision for the construction of tank farms international projects in this sector. Long term storage: finding the best tank for the required store mode(s) at competitive terms and conditions. Tender management: checking the market on pricing and availability to optimize your storage requirements.

Business Monitory

Primorskaya Sts is a leading terminal in Western Europe, specialized in the handling, storage and processing of dry bulk goods. Acting as business intermediary by bringing parties together. Review of bulk storage strategies for companies with existing storage contracts. Inspecting contract duration, contract clauses, locations, tank sizes logistics with the world's largest terminals.

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