Our Services

“Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm provides worldwide services as storage broker. Our tank terminals together all over the world. With no product or location too difficult for us, we will always find a solution. Companies who only occasionally deal with the bulk liquid storage market often lack specific know-how, experience and/or time to negotiate complicated and costly contracts. Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm has good experience in storage and good terminal management of a bulk liquid storage terminal with oil drum facilities and packed goods warehouses in Russia ports, Rotterdam port and Houston port, Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm developed the concept storage brokerage, a service that previously simply didn’t exist. Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm terminal operator, has gathered the experience required to offer a complete service for terminal operators, cargo owners and customers worldwide.”

Value added Logistics Services

The company main activities are storage of petroleum products such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel. Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm also provide best services of tank storages to all customers worldwide. Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm management team plays a vital role in combining the strength of all of our clients, Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm accumulate the total freight volume, identifying the best local and long-distance carriers across all destinations then we negotiate discount rates. Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm passes the value of those discounts on to each individual client.

The wide variety of liquid bulk products that we can store attracts customers that produce or trade more than one type of product.

What do we provide:

Storage flexible working

Time is a form of working organization in which the employed storage operators staffs can independently determine the working hours per shift within certain limits.

Storage providing

A new and unique service, providing global tank storage solutions, operations and equipment maintenance of our terminals to deliver safe, efficient and clean storage.

Terminal Handling Services

We are proffessional in tank storage and successful in variouse business transaction on our ability to deliver what we promise. This approach led us to most meaningful benchmark in storage services we know.

Tank storage facilities

Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm has large capacity storage tanks, complete accessories, technology investment units in the area of storing crude oil, crude oil products.

Strategic cooperation

Such co-operation with the ports plays an important role in providing services to the storage of fuel for our customers, and special license for storage of petroleum products.

Our mission

Primorskaya Sts Tank Farm company, is to ensure safe, reliable and effective storage and handling of bulk liquid products at key marine locations that are critical to our customers around the world.


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